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Floor preparation is crucial to the proper application of the STONEHARD system. Our epoxy floor coating system will not be able to penetrate and bond to concrete in areas where oil or fluid contamination has occurred. A worn floor may have loose mortar and/or an insufficient profile to assure proper epoxy bonding. The use of STONEHARD Floor Prep and Cleaning Solution will remove many of the contaminants and also provide a profile to the concrete floor.
Yes. Areas that are not properly prepared will have bonding issues which may cause the epoxy to lift or peel. It is vital that your substrate have a rough, clean surface for the STONEHARD to adhere to. The prep work is the most important part of the entire application.
Our product is self leveling and may fill some imperfections, but we always recommend you fill as much as you can prior to applying our product. You will achieve greater results and have a flawless floor. We have a system to repair the damage. Our method will help you in filling and repairing all types of cracks, holes, and depressions. We manufacture our very own Epoxy Crack Filler Kit which uses our 100% solids epoxy resin base, a catalyst hardener, and a special aggregate to make it the most durable patching system available for concrete, steel or wood. Extra long wearing and resilient, our Epoxy Crack Filler Kit withstands heavy trucking, absorbs vibration and shock without cracking, and actually becomes stronger with use.
STONEHARD is not recommended for application over existing coatings because the existing coating will inhibit bonding of the STONEHARD epoxy coating to the concrete floor. Floors that have existing coatings should be stripped, etched, diamond grinded or shot blasted to remove as much of the coating as possible. In cases where the coating cannot be removed, a sanding of the floor using an orbital sander can provide a “profile” for the STONEHARD epoxy to adhere to.
We are pleased to offer our customers several sizes based on their specific needs for our STONEHARD Epoxy Floor Coating Kit. Our 3-Gallon Epoxy – Tools Included and 3-Gallon Epoxy – No Tools will cover 480 square feet, our 1.5-Gallon Epoxy – Tools Included and 1.5-Gallon Epoxy – No Tools will cover 240 square feet and our Touch Up Epoxy Units will cover 15 square feet with an optional Touch Up Epoxy Quart Unit which is good for up to 60 square feet. If you require material for larger area coverage we also offer our 7.5-Gallon Epoxy – No Tools which can cover 1,200 square feet.
Our standard epoxy floor coating kit will cover 480 square feet of smooth concrete substrate when the epoxy is properly spread and rolled. If the concrete substrate is very porous or has many unfilled expansion joints, then the coverage area will be less. We do offer excellent expansion joint filler products and also various size kits of extra epoxy material to supplement the standard epoxy kits.
We offer our customers a complete do-it-yourself system. We give you everything you need in one kit to do 480 square feet of smooth concrete surface. All the necessary tools are included in our kits. There is no measuring of the ratio for your part A and part B. Simply pour all of part B into the part A and pour the entire contents onto the floor right away.
Yes, extreme heat or cold can affect Epoxy Master during application. STONEHARD Flooring’s polymeric chemical reaction will be accelerated by temperatures above 29°C, causing the curing process to speed up and making the STONEHARD epoxy coating tacky and difficult to apply. Temperatures below 13°C will cause the reaction to slow down, thereby increasing the cure time. If you are concerned about your temperatures before your application please contact us before you apply our epoxy coating.

Just contact us! STONEHARD Epoxy Flooring has been in business for more than 10 years. With a vast experience as highly skilled epoxy coating installers we provide you with the highest level of services. Specializing in Residential and Commercial Epoxy Floor Coatings.

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